As An SME, Will You Get More Or Less From A Local Accounting Agency?

calculator-1680905_1920As an SME, Will You Get More or Less From a Local Accounting Agency

Today's business world is a fast-moving place with many industries experiencing changes. Where you once had smaller, local businesses featuring heavily, now the trend is for larger brands to dominate the landscape. The accountancy sector is no different with bigger organisations competing against local small business tax accountants. This means that any SME needing help with their accounts faces a choice between the two. 

If you are the owner of an SME, the key thing to think about is which type of service will offer more - a personal, local approach or a more impersonal yet bigger corporate one? For many, the one that they find gives them more is actually the local option. But why is this? 

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A Personalised Service

Perhaps the number one reason that many SME owners prefer to use a local accounting agency is the personalised service it delivers. This is the major advantage smaller firms have over larger, corporate ones. Using a local firm allows you to get to know the person who handles your accounts on a personal level and build a relationship with them. It will also just feel more welcoming and friendly compared to the colder feel of using large corporate accountants. 

More Convenient Local Access

You could opt for a bigger accountancy agency, but they may not have an office in your town or village. This could mean you waste a lot of time on long journeys to see them. Naturally, this is bad for your business as it is time you could have spent working. Using a local firm eliminates this as they will be on your doorstep and much more convenient to call on. Many SME owners will simply take a quick detour as part of their working day, so there is no impact at all. 

Better Level Of Service

When you opt for local accountants, they will usually be smaller than a big corporate firm. This will generally mean you receive better service, though! Every single client is key to smaller agencies which means they work harder to provide a decent service to keep them.
With larger firms, this is not always the case as losing one client will not make much impact on their bottom line. 

Cost Savings

What is being seen within the accountancy sector now is smaller, local firms being very competitive on price to compete. While you naturally want the best service, you also want value for money. Very often, using a local accounting agency provides this compared to the higher fees that a big corporation may charge. 

Go Local To Make It All a Bit Easier

As the above shows, there are many benefits to SMEs of choosing local small business tax accountants. If you need an experienced and professional local accountancy service, give David Howard a call today. With offices in Chobham, Cranleigh, Weybridge and Hampton Wick, we are ready to help.

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