What’s The Best Way To Maximise Business Performance Through Cloud Accounting?

What’s The Best Way To Maximise Business Performance Through Cloud Accounting.

Cloud accounting has revolutionised the way that businesses perform. From tweaking efficiency to enhancing productivity, organisations are maximising their potential. Every company is a little different, so choosing accounting software that enables a bespoke approach is crucial.

The Xero WorkflowMax add-on is tailor-made to perform. Here’s what’s on offer.

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Eliminate Sales Invoice Errors

The WorkflowMax add-on for Xero accounting software is designed to remove the effort and challenges of duplication. In traditional accounting, data entry errors are commonplace, with 70% accuracy being a widely accepted industry standard. This dismal figure – which has wide-reaching implications for forecasting, strategic planning, and legality - is largely due to human error.

WorkflowMax automatically replicates sales invoices into Xero. This means that there is no need for duplication and, consequently, a significantly reduced risk of error.

Automatic Syncing

Much valuable time is lost to manual payments and invoices. Customer payments need to be carefully checked against invoices. This arduous process is also prone to mistakes, and this risk requires additional time to check and correct. WorkflowMax combats this problem by being fully reconciled. Automation means that payments from customers are instantly synced, adding an extra layer of efficiency for Xero.

Smooth Cost Management

Profitability reporting is always accident-prone. This is something of an irony, as organisations require accurate profitability calculations to manage their strategic planning.

Being able to manage costs accurately is one of the primary purposes of Xero. The WorkflowMax add-on offers enhanced capabilities for automatically updating job profitability reporting. A useful addition is that the associated Xero bill is automated.

Powering Up

Duplicated tasks, inaccuracies, and anomalies all create inefficiencies. Many companies accept these errors as being a normal element of organisational life, but they do not have to be. One of the best ways to achieve profitability is through streamlined software. Integrated processes enable accuracy, visibility, and productivity.

Why The Cloud?

Cloud accounting is one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of managing data. In the GDPR era, every business needs to give careful thought to accounting approaches. However, this also has to be balanced with practicalities, such as price. One of the reasons that many businesses choose to use cloud-based accounting is that it is pay-for-need rather than signing up for an excessive package.

Xero, and add-ons such as WorkflowMax, are designed to boost value while enabling better control over your finances.

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