5 Benefits Of Online Accounting Services For Small Businesses

5 benefits of online accounting services for small businesses

Are you finding it difficult to keep on top of your accountancy obligations? Unable to free up time for the scheduled appointments your current accountant insists on? Finding that your current processes involve too much paper and too much effort? Online accounting services for small business could provide the answer! Take a look at five benefits which handing over your accountancy to online experts can bring.

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1. Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

A must for busy business owners who end up catching up with their paperwork whenever they have a few spare minutes, a major advantage of online accountancy is that it's possible to view, amend or update financial information wherever you are. If you've got an Internet connection, you can get access to your financial information. Online accountancy delivers the flexibility contemporary small business owners need. David Howard offers everything you need to stay connected and on top of your accounting, 24/7.

2. Secure Data Storage

Part paper, part electronic systems can create all sorts of data protection and security issues. Online accountants invest in top-grade security and encryption, ensuring that your financial information is well-protected. In addition, your clients' information is also well-protected. Reputable accountancy firms such as David Howard provide secure data storage, giving you assurance that your details are in safe hands.

3. Get Rid Of Paper Storage

Not only do paper records take up an enormous amount of space, which you may well have to pay for, it's also not very secure. Not only is there the risk of theft, a fire or flood could also destroy your paper trail, with no backup, creating all sorts of problems at tax time! Online storage like that offered by David Howard can remove these risks immediately, creating a secure information trail that is immune to environmental hazards.

4. Avoid The Issues Associated With Under-Or Over-Resourcing

Most smaller businesses don't need a full-time accountant, but they do need high-grade, professional expertise when required. An online accountant provides only what you need, working flexibly to deliver the work you require. This means you only pay for the time they spend on your work: this way of working eliminates some of the resource wastage which can occur when an in-house accountant is used. We provide tailored plans just for you and your business.

5. No Need For Desk Space, IT Or Similar Resources

If you're a business that doesn't operate from a traditional office space, finding a venue to hold physical meetings with an accountant, or to accommodate them when they're working for you, can be a challenge. An online accountant need never meet you to get the job done, providing a complete virtual solution. David Howard accountancy services allow you to work completely virtually, saving both space and cash!

Online accounting services such as David Howard can be much cheaper and more flexible than you might think. Get in touch to find out more.

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