What Are The Signs It's Time To Switch Accountants?

What are the signs it's time to switch accountants

Changing accountants over time is a perfectly normal process. As you become wealthier or as your company starts to rapidly expand, it might simply be that your accountant can’t keep up. That’s fine, as some accountants are better suited to smaller clients. Perhaps you’ve already started to think that it might be time to switch things up? Well, to help you decide, here are our top five signs that it's time to switch accountants.

1. Speaking To Them Is A Nightmare

A key aspect of a strong relationship between you and your accountant is communication. Getting in touch with them to discuss any issues or worries should be straightforward and simple. After all, their expertise in this field is why you pay them in the first place. However, if you find yourself waiting weeks for appointments then perhaps they are simply too inundated with work and can't afford you the time you require.

2. You Feel Like You’re Spending Too Much

In recent years, the accounting industry has benefited greatly from a wide range of affordable accounting software solutions. These allow accountants to speed up their processes and to reduce their costs, which should get passed onto you. If you think that you’re left paying far too much for your accounting needs, then maybe it is time to switch to someone who makes better use of this software.

3. Their Processes Seem Outdated

Similarly, this modern software is incredibly straightforward and is designed to make it easier for you to send across any necessary information. However, if you find that the spreadsheets and software your accountant uses is old and complex, then maybe it's time to switch. It can be stressful for you trying to use an outmoded system, and it also increases the time needed for you to carry out such simple tasks as data transfer.

4. You Get Charged For Every Little Thing

It is expected that accountants bill you for additional work every month above and beyond your agreed services. However, it can be incredibly frustrating if, even after a quick five minute chat for some straightforward advice, you get an invoice through for a hundred pounds. This could be a sign that they don't value your long-term custom as much as they should and that you might be better off with a firm that cares about going above and beyond with small gestures.

5. Speaking To Them Is Confusing

Similar to point 1, another core service your accountant should provide is no-nonsense, clear advice. But perhaps you're left baffled by accounting jargon at the end of every conversation? If that’s the case, maybe you need someone who can lay things out in simple terms. Then, after a call about something that worries you, you can be left satisfied rather than confused.

By making use of modern, digital accounting software solutions, we are well suited to handle the accounts of both high-value individuals and large businesses alike. We aim to provide an affordable, streamlined solution that is tailored to your exact needs and that greatly reduces the amount of stress placed on you at the end of each financial year.

So, if you're thinking about changing accountants then we would love for you to consider us. Simply get in contact today to find out more about our services.

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