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As one of Xero’s premier platinum partners, David Howard offers a wide range of different support options to ensure you’re getting everything you need. From bookkeeping to streamlining, our expert team can help smooth your transition into accounting software. We’re not just experts when it comes to the core features and functionalities of Xero accounting software - we can also advise you on the numerous add-ons, integrations and customisation available for this specialised system. We can provide you with the tools to understand and implement these additions effectively and help tailor-make a program that’s perfect for you. Wondering how to get more from Xero? Read on to discover our professional guidance and expert insights into the system extras you need to get more out of your software. Whether you want to create better reports, have a more effective CRM, or just want more flexibility, we’ve got the information required to make your job that bit easier.

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Add Functionality To Xero With Effective Add-Ons

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a Xero system for your workplace is the high level of flexibility available when it comes to the hundreds of unique add-ons and time-saving tools included in the online marketplace. In fact, with so many add-ons to choose from, knowing what’s the best pick for you can be overwhelming – which is where we come in. With Xero’s versatility and flexibility when it comes to providing a wide range of different options for businesses, there’s a combination of add-ons that will form the perfect fit for you. From efficiency tools to entirely new systems and integration with existing software, the App Marketplace continues to grow and develop.


Get Started With These Top Add-On Choices

With our expert knowledge and premier partnership with Xero, we have the inside information into some of the best add-ons for your business needs. Here are just a few of the most recommended options available: 

Chaser: Explicitly designed for finance teams in small to medium-sized businesses, Chaser transforms Xero into a fully functional, cloud credit control service. It ensures invoices are
paid sooner and saves time overall with a range of timesaving, effective methods to ensure that when it comes to credit control history, it’s all there in black and white.

Projects: For any modern business, mobile-friendliness is a must. Xero Projects builds on the functionality already available within Xero by adding on intuitive tools specifically for job costing. From tracking jobs to monitoring projects, this add-on does precisely as its name suggests. Billing on time, with 100% accuracy, has never been easier.

CIS: Already included in the bare bones of Xero, utilising this feature is as easy as flipping a switch. For businesses looking to manage anything from CIS returns to contractor invoices and bills, CIS can be turned on within the financial settings for immediate effect. For more advanced features such as online filing for HMRC and bulk email payments, the CIS Contractor add-on is a must.

Expenses: An evolution of Xero accounting’s functionality and tools, Xero Expenses provides small businesses with an extra layer of insights and information. Vital for reducing costs surrounding expense claims and working flexibly with employees, Expenses also includes mobile functionality to ensure that expenses can be logged anywhere, anytime.

Float: Designed to provide additional cash flow features in Xero, Float optimises the visual representation of your finances with simple yet effective improvements. Uniquely efficient thanks to its daily updates to actuals and fast importation, creating greater efficiency in your cash flow process has never been more accessible.

WorkflowMax: Seamlessly integrating with the critical features of Xero, the WorkflowMax add-on goes beyond just introducing better features. It creates an entirely custom workflow, specially developed to make invoicing, payment and receipts as effortless as possible. An ideal tool for anything from payroll to CRM, this add-on is more than worth the investment.

David Howard - Bespoke Excel Integration Tools, Including Cash Flow Forecasting, Consolidation, Budgeting and Forecasting

With access to the raw data in Xero integrated into Excel spreadsheets, the world is your oyster in terms of reporting. We can quickly create reports using templates and even integrate multiple different Xero datasets. Cash flow forecasting, for example, can therefore be written to forecast payments and receipts from historical data from Xero whilst linking to sales, overheads and capital expenditures forecasts which can be written in detail in excel. All data provided can then be processed and neatly summarised into one tidy package.

Integrate Xero With Your Existing Workflow

One of the significant benefits of switching to Xero – or incorporating the software more into your existing processes – is that Xero doesn’t just provide a whole host of different add-ons. Xero also works with countless popular developers to create seamless systems, thanks to its high-quality integration.

This high level of flexibility ensures that users of existing software can do more. Whether it’s for invoicing, payroll or anything else finance related, users can quickly and easily input data and information directly into Xero without the hassle of complicated conversions, difficult imports or non-functional compatibilities. Many of Xero’s add-ons act as a bridge between the Xero system and a variety of other services, offering a customised and varied experience to match the needs of all customers, rather than just a few.

Examples of Xero’s integration options include:

  • Shopify
  • Studio Ninja
  • Preno
  • Fergus
  • Tanda

Many more brands and developers specifically offer add-ons for the purpose of integration, automating the various financial processes into a well-oiled machine. Efficiency is better for everyone, after all. For services that don’t currently have active integration with Xero, there are still plenty of opportunities to create more automated workflows. Services such as the highly-rated Zapier offer third-party integration that enables the integration of apps for systems such as Google Sheets, PayPal and even SalesForce.

Create The Customisation You Want With Xero

In addition to having a wide range of different existing add-ons and integration options, Xero also provides developers with the tools they need to create more effective additions to the App Marketplace. The API of Xero is specifically designed to allow developers to extract data, allowing completely tailored add-ons to be built from the ground up. What does this mean for businesses who are considering customising their Xero experience? It means that, as a client, you can mould Xero into the exact tool you need. From the way it functions for your day-to-day purposes to the custom reporting and data you need, Xero supports extensive customisation to make your experience of the software as optimal as possible.

For example, you could:

  • Develop a tool for the export of a specific report every single day
  • Customise existing integrations to quickly access specific data
  • Combine multiple add-ons to devise an accounting solution that’s available from a single location

With a system like Xero, the sky is the limit. From customising inputs and reporting with software-specific add-ons to creating entirely custom tools, this accounting software provides everything you need. With those first building blocks in place, you can develop a system that exceeds your expectations, and works for your style of business.

Choose David Howard For Your Xero Needs

Are you considering introducing add-ons into your Xero experience, or are you simply interested in what else is out there? David Howard is an industry expert when it comes to creating systems fit for every business - all from the same Xero foundations. From system-wide integrations to function-specific tools, we can help you design a setup that meets all your accounting needs.

At David Howard, we have expert systems advisors and programmers who can integrate Xero with other business applications, write front end portals to access data through web portals from multiple systems, and streamline your systems and processes. Making your systems and data work for you is key for modern business; you’ll find it easier to develop software for use in your own business applications and you could save significant costs, as well as gain access to better business information and reporting.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help transform your accounting. With Xero, there’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to your finances. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you get there.

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