Why You Need To Understand The Power Of Xero Touch

Why You Need To Understand The Power Of Xero Touch

Mobile phone apps are changing the way companies manage their software systems and how they collect data about the work they are doing. Mobile devices allow everyone from business owners to entry-level employees to report on their work - and the cost of it - to make accounting and bookkeeping easier.

Chartered accountants David Howard recommend the Xero range of software products due to their ease of use, flexibility and efficiency. We can even help you implement Xero at your company - just give us a call for more information.

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Why Use Xero Software?

Xero is one of the most flexible accounting programs on the market today and it is extremely practical for all kinds of businesses. It is especially useful for those in the contracted trade industries, such as construction and development, as it can track job costing for estimates plus real project costs.

Xero is a trusted accounting brand which is used and recommended by many chartered accountants and bookkeeping professionals. There are lots of companies just like yours who have switched to the convenient, easy software in order to manage their books better. Using Xero Touch makes this even easier as data can be uploaded on the go, and in real time.

What Is Xero Touch And How Does It Work?

The mobile app Xero Touch can be downloaded to almost any Android or iOS tablet or mobile phone. The business owner (and anyone else authorised to access it) can use the app to input expenses and income directly into the Xero system, wherever they are.

This is especially useful for business with site workers or professionals who work away from the office, as there is no need to carry a laptop around anymore, nor do you have to wait until you get back to the office in order to file your accounts. Having accounting software in your pocket can speed up the time that your paperwork takes. It also allows you to give accurate updates about project costs and more, all in real time.

The app uses the phone's camera to scan and record receipts, making it easier than ever to record expenses. Invoices can also be generated and sent directly from the app so you'll never miss a payment request again. You can monitor unpaid invoices, check bank statements and transactions, and keep a close eye on the projected cost against the real cost - all from your mobile!

Keep A Close Eye On Project Costs

If you want to guarantee yourself happy clients and repeat work, it is important to finish the job on or under budget. Excessively high bills will greatly upset the client and could damage your company's reputation too. That is why it is so important that you use a reliable and efficient accounting program which monitors project financials and gives accurate information.

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