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How Does Making Tax Digital Affect Tax Returns?

7th April 2019

The government's Making Tax Digital service will soon affect individual tax returns and...

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VAT Takes The Biscuit

6th April 2019

Staff across many fast food businesses could be making mistakes in how they charge customers for...

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Recent Trends & Advancements In Digital Tax

5th April 2019

The UK government announced in November 2018 that a digital services tax will be introduced in...

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Our Top Recommendations For Digital Tax Software

4th April 2019

The requirement for digital VAT returns becomes effective from April 2019 and many of our...

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Is The 'Making Tax Digital' Movement Aimed Towards Businesses Or The Public?

3rd April 2019

Making Tax Digital is the government's ambitious plan for a totally digital tax administration...

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4 Common Misconceptions About Tax That You Shouldn't Believe

22nd March 2019

Taxation can be a minefield, especially if you find yourself easily overwhelmed by the amount of...

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How Will Making Tax Digital Affect Your Business?

12th February 2019


You might have heard about Making Tax Digital (MTD), the government scheme which will...

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What Does Your Business Need To Do To Prepare For The Making Tax Digital Deadline?

6th February 2019


The new Making Tax Digital system will soon launch in the UK and it's set to make taxation...

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Making Tax Digital Explained: Everything You And Your Employees Need To Know

29th January 2019


The first stage of the UK government's Making Tax Digital system is rolling out for VAT in...

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Has Making Tax Digital Been Postponed To 2020?

22nd January 2019


The Making Tax Digital (MTD) strategy is key to government plans for making tax...

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