How Xero Allows Businesses & Accountants To Work In Unison

How Xero Allows Businesses & Accountants To Work In Unison

In the modern age, collaborative cloud tools are finding their way into more and more successful businesses. Their benefits range from allowing businesses to maintain good, clean books to sharing data with stakeholders in real-time, or simply enabling colleagues to chat and use video conferencing features. Cloud collaboration creates thriving businesses.

One of the most powerful collaborative tools for businesses and their accountants is Xero. Imagine a scenario of a tech company business working with its trusted accountant firm. Through the use of Xero, a stronger relationship with regular contact can be formed between the two organisations, providing accurate and up to date reporting and advise, which will allow the company to make better business decisions and minimize its tax liabilities.

Wonderful Depth To Be Discovered

Many high-ranking business managers don't have a finance background and can therefore struggle with the management of their accounts - let's say this is the case with our tech company. They need to work with professionals who understand the intricacies of accounting to help the tech company understand how their finances work. Fortunately, their chosen accountancy firm is tech savvy and has put cloud solutions like Xero at the centre of their operations. With both the tech company and the accountants fully immersed in the cloud, they can work very closely through Xero.

Real-Time Credibility And Secure Collaboration

The two companies can collaborate on and share documents, send email messages from within the Xero platform and more, and quickly become fully committed to it. They are also able to push files from Xero into Spreadsheets and documents, which can be a huge time saver. This feature also helps to generate accurate and up-to-date reports in an easy way, and the ability to collaborate and  even help build success with stakeholders.

Investors like to be kept up-to-date in a quick, simple way. With Xero's collaborative functionality via Google Docs, or share the information to Office 365 both the tech company and the accountants can generate financial reports and share confidential data securely in no time at all. And access can be instantly revoked, if necessary.

Staying Connected

It is the ease with which Xero enables you to collaborate using Google platforms that drives measurable efficiency for businesses and accountants together. Even Google Hangouts is a powerful part of this as it allows people from different locations to enter the same virtual space to communicate and share data.

Face-to-face meetings can be undertaken over video, which can be hugely beneficial for the professional relationships between accountants and their clients. It can help broaden and diversify your client base and nurture close working relationships by staying up-to-date with everything that is happening at their companies.

The power of the cloud ecosystem is enabling business owners and their financial advisers to work together as if they were in the same workplace. Xero is fast becoming the industry standard for this type of collaboration and is central to our operations here at David Howard.

If you are looking for chartered accountants that work with you to get the most out of your company finances, then we would love to hear from you.

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